Systems Design

Architectural Phases

In large, full-service systems design projects, Security By Design follows the multiple phasing format that is used in most typical architectural programs.

Sequence of phases:

  • Conceptual Definition
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Contract Documents
  • Bid Support
  • Construction Support

Following this phasing ensures that the security system design is carefully coordinated with all other project development activities at every critical project milestone. This results in much smoother system implementation and client confidence.

Performance Criteria

There are basic choices to be made from a design standpoint when undertaking system specification development.

Specifications can be developed as:

  • System specific (one manufacturer's make/model)
  • A number of acceptable manufacturers' systems
  • Performance criteria that the preferred system must match or exceed

Security By Design's extensive knowledge of the security system marketplace permits us to develop specifications that match our client's requirements, regardless of complexity.

We thrive on the challenge to develop security system specifications in any of the typical security specialties including access control, alarm monitoring, video management, control room and custom console, and overall integration of multiple combinations of these systems.

Budget Planning

Security By Design can provide a comprehensive budgetary estimate of the costs for the acquisition and installation of a new or upgraded security system.

The budgetary planning recognizes the reality of phasing over time to match the security system priority in the light of overall organization objectives.

SBD will time phase the new security system procurement plan in logical increments that relate the best mating of time and available budget.


It is extremely critical that the scheduling process be as complete and accurate as possible for infrastructure items as well as the security system itself.

Infrastructure components include:

  • Installation of the signal path (conduit, risers)
  • Power supplies (standard, emergency, or UPS)
  • Grounding provisions
  • Physical space build-outs

All are critically important to the timely and effective activation of the new security system.

SBD prides itself in the wealth of experience and attention to detail that we bring to the scheduling process of projects.