Vulnerability/Risk Analysis

A Vulnerability and Risk Analysis is a study to determine where a company is vulnerable and which critical assets or operations are most at risk. It takes a combination of techniques, talents, and experience to provide an effective Vulnerability and Risk Analysis Study.

To develop findings and recommendations, Security By Design's consultants:

  • Interview key managers
  • Extensively examine the facility and typical operations
  • Review the specific area and market threats
  • Review any history of security problems
  • Apply Security By Design's extensive knowledge and experience with similar companies
  • Identify the most critical company assets or operation

The conscientious accomplishment of these studies is essential to initiating the security system design development process.

Feasibility Evaluations

A Feasibility Evaluation compares available solutions to protecting critical resources to listed company factors and is performed after a company's most critical assets or operations are determined. Available techniques and technologies are examined to determine the most effective strategies.

These strategies are then evaluated against company factors such as:

  • Typical operations
  • Type of business
  • Facility layout
  • Corporate culture/image
  • Industry threats

The best options along with their associated estimated budget impacts are presented in a formal report. Along with the formal report, a review and discussion session is generally convened to permit the client to examine their options further.

Security Force Evaluations

It is important to review the performance level of your security force on a regular basis.

An experienced Security By Design consultant can provide this service. We review your security force operation and provide you with a report that documents the current performance level of the security force and provides recommendations to correct any less-than-satisfactory areas.

Some of the areas reviewed are:

  • The current security force contract (if a contract guard force is employed)
  • The company security policy directives (if a proprietary guard force is used)
  • Security force manning
  • Entry and continuation training
  • Post composition
  • Post orders
  • Report writing
  • Emergency procedures training and knowledge
  • Current knowledge of applicable security directives

In the event that your security force is armed, the procedures for initial screening and qualification, as well as compliance with the mandated periodic training is examined and is a subject of separate comment in the report.

Inventory/Process Controls

Process Controls are essential to provide you with the degree of inventory control that you require and expect.

If you are not satisfied with your inventory controls, a review of your procedures and process controls is critical.

This review will identify the changes that can enhance your control and confidence in this vital corporate area.

Security By Design examines and evaluates requirements for changes in corporate policy as well as to the process itself. Inventory practices and the product distribution process from material input through product shipment will be carefully examined.

This examination culminates in a comprehensive report with our findings and recommendations which include technology upgrades along with budgetary estimates.

System Testing

This testing evaluates all the attributes of your current security system and then determines its effectiveness in regards to meeting your security objectives.

If you have questions about the "health and readiness" of your security system to effectively protect your company's assets, Security By Design can conduct a comprehensive total system test.

Security By Design tests and reviews:

  • The system (access control, CCTV, alarm monitoring)
  • How well the system operators use the system
  • System training

A formal report is developed that identifies any system, policy or procedural discrepancies that must be addressed to achieve maximum security system effectiveness.

Special Studies

Security By Design is uniquely qualified to examine a broad range of management and policy questions or challenges that affect your organization's performance. Security By Design staff has a strong and diverse group of security professionals representing decades of experience at all levels of organization security programs.

This experience includes:

  • Law Enforcement and Security Management backgrounds at the local and federal levels
  • Certified Protection Professionals (CPP)