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Security By Design
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Skagit Project
Seattle, WA

Description of Site

Security By Design provided a Security Vulnerability Study and delivered a Conceptual Design Report to Seattle City Light. The Skagit Project involved of three major hydroelectric plants and one minor (but historic) plant, located along a 10-mile portion of the Skagit River in Whatcom County, Washington. The Project was constructed over a 35-year period, beginning in 1921 with the Newhalem Hydroelectric Plant (the minor facility), which was used to furnish power for the construction of the major facilities at the Gorge, Diablo, and Ross Hydroelectric Plants. Each hydroelectric plan consists of a dam, reservoir, water delivery pipes, powerhouse, electrical substation, and related facilities. The project included industrial shops, commercial enterprises, and residential facilities at Newhalem and Diablo. The National Park Service operates recreational facilities adjacent to and in conjunction with the Skagit Project.

Security By Design Involvement

In 1998, Seattle City Light assembled a team to review and improve the level of Security at the Skagit Project. The initial phase of this program was devoted to planning, conducting a vulnerability analysis, and preparing a conceptual design. Before any work was started, the team established goals and objectives for the project that followed the initial phase through to the final design phase. Key personnel were interviewed, visits and surveys of each site was conducted, a review of existing security equipment/systems was completed, security policies and procedures were reviewed, a review of the history of security incidents was performed, an assessment of the vulnerabilities and existing security measures was completed. We established the probability and magnitude of losses, formulated conceptual mitigation alternatives, and developed cost budgets so that logical business decisions could be made.

Of Special Interest

The ability to maintain a homogeneous atmosphere with the recreational use of land between the National Park Service, tourists, and Seattle City Light was one of the greatest challenges from each users point of view. Public access roads lead from the highway to housing areas, public museums, trails, and hiking areas that are adjacent to the power plants. The need to set clear procedures as to who is allowed into what areas, under what conditions, by which authority was a major concern.

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5528 Pacheco Blvd., Ste B-100, Pacheco, CA 94553 t. 925.609.1000
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