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Security By Design
5528 Pacheco Blvd.
Suite B-100
Pacheco, CA 94553
t. 925.609.1000
f. 925.609.1001

Port of Oakland
Jack London Square
Oakland, CA

Description Of Site

Located on the picturesque San Francisco Bay, this site, owned and managed by the Port of Oakland, is the entire 15 square block area of Jack London Square. Jack London Square consists of a number of commercial and retail facilities, a multi-story parking garage, an underground parking garage, several parking lots, common open/promenade areas, and an Amtrak train station.

Security By Design Involvement

Security By Design determined the upgrade requirements for the existing security systems to meet the security objectives of the client. SBD then proceeded to develop Contract Documents for the bidding process and assisted the Port in overseeing the installation of the system upgrades.

The Contract Documents defined the upgrades required for:

  • Emergency-aid Station Communications System
  • Central Security Control Console
  • Video Surveillance and Lighting Systems at Remote Sites
  • Fiber Optic Cable System
  • Tape Reviewing Station with Video Printing System
  • Remote Video Transmission Systems
  • CCTV System
  • Emergency Generator and UPS System
  • Audio Recording System
Of Special Interest

Security By Design designed a new 9-bay replacement Security Control Console utilizing ergonomics for functionality and efficiency.

Jack London Square

SBD also designed a 2-Exchange Intercom system to be used throughout the entire site as an Emergency-aid Station Communications System. The two exchanges, interconnected via fiber optic cable, allowed the Port to abandon troublesome underground (and most of the time underwater) inter-connecting cable.

The CCTV system head-end, designed by Security By Design, provided expansion capabilities to incorporate anticipated growth during Phase II of the Jack London development area and additional garages.

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5528 Pacheco Blvd., Ste B-100, Pacheco, CA 94553 t. 925.609.1000
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