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Security By Design
5528 Pacheco Blvd.
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Pacheco, CA 94553
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San Francisco, CA

Description Of Site

There were two principal sites located in the cities of Palo Alto and Cupertino California, plus minor sites in Campbell and Mountain View California. The sites included about 52 single-story and two-story office buildings and related commercial structures. The functions performed at these sites were corporate offices, laboratories, and warehouses.

Security By Design Involvement

SBD provided security studies and technical designs that culminated in a $4 million project replacing the existing access control and alarm monitoring systems with a single system. The new system's head-end was located at Palo Alto. Remote panels were distributed throughout the buildings at both sites utilizing H-P's wide area network (WAN). Plus there were a few stand-along locations. The existing variety of magnetic-stripe access control cards and card readers were replaced with proximity-technology devices.

Of Special Interest

SBD provided a study of H-P's vulnerability to Year 2000 (Y2K) computer - related problems for their security hardware and software regarding access control, alarm monitoring, and closed circuit television systems.

Midway through the project, H-P spun off those functions that ultimately became Agilent Technologies. This new corporation also benefited from the Y2K study and subsequent remedial systems modification.

The integrator was identified shortly after the system selection, which allowed the inclusion of the integrator in the design process. The implementation part of the buildings commenced before the design phase was completed - thus there were multiple phases concurrently throughout the project across the campuses.

ASIS International
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5528 Pacheco Blvd., Ste B-100, Pacheco, CA 94553 t. 925.609.1000
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