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Security By Design
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Executive Homes

Security By Design (SBD) has been involved extensively in the planning, design, implementation and construction of security for executive homes. Due to the sensitive and unique nature of each individual project, specific projects cannot be discussed.

As a general approach, some of the security applications and concepts to meet the owner's needs have included:

Home automation interface

High-end homes use technology to enrich the lives of the occupants. SBD has successfully incorporated security applications such as proximity access control, motion detection and video surveillance into home automation systems. In addition to granting access, valid badges can also be used to automate the adjustment of temperature, music, video displays, lighting, and other elements that enhance the environment.

Perimeter monitoring

While the property must maintain a consistent barrier in protecting the home, the enjoyment of the family and the existing natural elements must also be considered. SBD has designed perimeter protection systems including some that monitored activity while allowing pets, such as the family dog, to roam the property without interfering with the security systems.


SBD has worked with owners whose collectibles range from art to automobiles to literature. Protective measures are determined by each owner's unique criteria. Answers to questions such as, "Will it be displayed or stored?" sets design criteria.

Safe rooms

When it is determined that a home requires a safe room, SBD works with architects, engineers, manufacturers and general contractors, incorporating safe rooms as part of the natural design of the building. SBD has designed safe rooms, each with their unique design requirements, involving both security and safety.

Owner and staff education

Educating the family and staff on the operation of their home security program and system is a key element to success. Additional security measures that SBD considers include evacuation plans, defensive driving, GPS location devices, and varying family routines and schedules.

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5528 Pacheco Blvd., Ste B-100, Pacheco, CA 94553 t. 925.609.1000
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